Metaphysics Interactive with Cindy Griffith

Metaphysics means "That which is beyond Science" so each month we will be discuss a different topic that science struggles to explain. Subjects like energy, chakras, reincarnation, past lives, karma, meditaiton (okay, so science can explain meditation but you get the idea,) angels, vibration, alchemy and more... plus we will learn spiritual and psychic development.

​What is Karma? Karma is the strict, impersonal, universal law of cause and effect. Karma is neither good nor bad. It just is. It is the universal law that says for every cause there is an effect. Nothing in this universe is independent of anything else. Karma is much bigger than that, though. Yes, every action creates a reaction, but that is an oversimplification. Karma creates balance. The universe is forever striving toward a balance, a spiritual perfection that brings it back into harmony with what we call God. Karma is the act of balancing the Universe. Come learn more about how to turn karma from a stumbling block into a stepping stone! Plus learn Cindy’s Karma Eraser Technique!​

Each Class is $20.
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This Month:
The Karma Eraser: Reworking your Opportunities

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Cindy Griffith

Cindy Griffith is a Psychic, Metaphysics Teacher and Huffington Post Blogger. Author of Soul Soothers: Mini Meditations for Busy Lives, she is excited to help other spiritual practitioners with her latest book, Grow Your Spiritual Business. In the late 90’s, Cindy graduated from Openway, a four-year healing program, the Lightbearer three-year Metaphysical Training program, and from Empire State College, a New York State University where she obtained her Bachelor of Science in Spiritual Counseling and Healing. More recently she obtained her Masters in Consciousness Development also at Empire State where she focused on the Mystic’s journey to spiritual maturity. Cindy teaches metaphysics, spiritual and psychic development and topics relating to the Cayce teachings online through, at the Edgar Cayce Center & Good Vibes Wellness in Virginia Beach and in Tokyo with Voice Workshops. She offers psychic and channeled sessions at the ARE psychic fairs, her Virginia Beach office and fairs around the country. Find more about Cindy, her articles, books, classes and Psychic readings at Cindy