October 7, 2017

Tarot is rich in symbolism that evokes the many facets of the human experience. If you want to learn about the Tarot, and begin exploring their deeper meanings, and how they manifest in your life, this class is the place to start. For the left-brain logical types, we will teach a methodical approach, breaking the cards down into numbers, suits, and archetypes and interpret them starting with basics like numerology and other associations. For the right-brain intuitive types we will present methods to exercise those skills and apply them to the Tarot.​

​​cost of class : $20
​​Bobcat Grant
1980's - Born into a spiritual, but not particularly religious family, with a mandate imprinted on his soul to educate, entertain, inspire and empower others. Bobcat became obsessed with Oriental culture and philosophy at an early age, insatiably drinking in every lesson he could and immediately seeing that lesson present itself.

1990's - Martial Arts and Eastern Philosophy lead Bobcat to the study of Qigong, the cultivation, direction and use of personal energy. Bobcat also begins studying psychology on his own, again, everything he learned would immediately manifest examples around him.

2001 - Bobcat and his Father take Reiki level 1 and later, level 2 training together as a Father/Son activity, and participate in monthly Reiki clinics to practice and expand knowledge. For fun, he and his friends begin a ghost hunting group, investigating notoriously haunted cemeteries and other sites.

2002 - Bobcat and his Father recieve Reiki Master certification. Bobcat begins practicing Reiki professionally. He picks up Tarot and drawing on his understanding of philosophy, psychology, meditation and energies, very quickly becomes proficient. He also begins studying Shamanic journeying to further empower himself.

2003 - Bobcat begins educating, entertaining, inspiring and empowering others using Reiki, Tarot and guided meditation at Pachamama LLC (defunct), then the largest metaphysical store in New Hampshire and other psychic fairs around New England.
2006 - Bobcat begins collecting certifications from multiple schools of hypnosis and begins offering hypnotherapy in addition to his other services. He also begins teaching Tarot and Reiki.

2009 - Pachamama closes down and Bobcat steps away from doing readings and teachings, and focuses his energies on rescuing wolf-hybrids.

2012 - Bobcat moves to the Eastern Shore of Virginia and finds no metaphysical culture in his area.

2015 to Present - Bobcat's volunteerism brings him to Virginia Beach, with it's rich metaphysical culture; he befriends Elf and they begin doing Tarot and intuitive readings for friends, starting Bobcat's comeback to the world of psychic entertainment. You are here.
Elf is a gentle intuitive reader who enjoys sharing
messages from spirit, angels, fairies, and more.
Enthusiastic, kind, and sensitive, Elf uses tarot and
oracle cards to jump start a message session. After an
encounter with an angel in 2007, Elf began exploring her natural gifts and discovered a unique and fulfilling way to be of service. She has been giving readings for 9 years and loves to share her journey to bring light and hope to others.