Intuitive Reading Services

“Lift the Veil”
Come join us for intuitive reading sessions and learn more about inner transformation through reflection and connection with all aspects of who you are.

​Intuitive Readings Daily
$1.75 per minute
​15 minutes minimum

are always


Our Intuitive Readers

Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday, Friday, Saturday 11-6pm

 Suzanne, along with her guide, Elizabeth, has been providing
spiritual counseling using tarot cards, pendulums, and other highly advanced methods for her whole life. She is a
gifted psychic reader who is known for herdown-to-earth,
no-nonsense style that is kind in its delivery and honest
in its presentation. She is easy to understand, needs no
prompting to beaccurate, while, at the same time she is
extremely targeted in the information she provides. At Good
Vibes Wellness, Suzanne is a reader folks rely on to provide valuable insight into their past and present situations,
health, decision-making, and overall life’s twists and turns.
If you have a pressing need or just want to know what you are pursuing and how your life is advancing, Suzanne can give you guidance that you can rely upon and you will immediately feel a connection to her and her guide Elizabeth and know that you are receiving information that will help you
in all your daily affairs


Sunday 12-6pm

Elf is a gentle intuitive reader who enjoys sharing
messages from spirit, angels, fairies, and more. 
Enthusiastic, kind, and sensitive, Elf uses tarot and
oracle cards to jump start a message session. After an
encounter with an angel in 2007, Elf began exploring her natural gifts and discovered a unique and fulfilling way to be of service.  She has been giving readings for 9 years and loves to share her journey to bring light and hope to others.


Friday 12-6


David is a gifted Psychic Medium who studied with International Psychic Mediums, Lisa Williams and Sharon Anne Klingler in Lily Dale, New York, a tiny village, now considered, “the world’s largest center for the Science, Philosophy, and Religion of Spirituality, started in the 1870s. David further certified as a Psychic Medium with the Lisa Williams School of Spiritual Development. David has an amazing gift of connecting with spirit to communicate with loved ones, past and present. He has helped substantial numbers of individuals (families and groups included)
to reach their current and departed family members, friends, pets, teachers, guides, and ascended masters in conversation offering answers to many long-held deep andburning questions. Connecting people to their spiritual guides, angels, and loved
ones now residing in the spirit world, David is able to access meaningful information to support and help participants to formulate life path decisions and direction and provide career, partnership, family, and other important input to help with developing patterns and concerns.


Friday 12-6pm

Lourdes is a Psychic Medium and Crystal Healer.
She also has studied with International Psychic Mediums
Lisa Williams and Sharon Anne Klingler in Lily Dale, New York
and developed Specific skill in utilizing both her spiritual
Connection and her intrinsic knowledge of Crystal Energy and healing properties.