Patterns of Life: Sacred Geometry & Crystal Grids

Swirling patterns of energy shape the movement and progress we make through life. These patterns are seen as chaotic and yet they follow very definite structures of design and movement through all parts of nature and the cosmos...

What if noticing these patterns and focusing on them can help you find balance and prosperity in your life?

Well it can!

In this workshop, we will look at the significance of Sacred Geometry through history, ancient through current, and how the symbolism of the patterns can influence your life!

Through visualizations, some artwork, and crystals, we will find a deeper understanding of sacred geometry and the patterns of life!

We will be constructing our own sacred geometric designs as well as our own crystal energy grids using sacred geometric designs and crystals to empower our ability to manifest and realign our lives.

The cost for this workshop is $25 and covers all materials.