An Intimate look at Edgar Cayce: Through the Eyes of my Parents 

1. Brief bio of Cayce and his work
2. My grandmother writes article on Cayce in Coronet magazine and gets him nationally known in 1943. Meets him and gets readings for all her children.
3. Dad and Mom move to Va. Beach. Dad runs the ARE with Mr. Cayce, Mom is secretary. (Mom is the last living link to Cayce at age 99!)
4. Anecdotes and stories about Cayce, the man, that only Mom and Dad experienced.
5. Archangel Michael’s shocking breakthrough during a reading where Mom and Dad were present. Mom’s interpretation of that.
6. Cayce’s. death and Dad’s tribute to him in Dad’s book A Seer Out of Season, his 50 year work on Cayce as a historian of religions and psychic experience
7. Q&A

Dr. Pamela Bro Bio:

Howard has been a qualified UK pharmacist for over forty years. He opened his first metaphysical centre in October 1997 & his second in Spain in 2007. Howard has practised aura photography in his spiritual practices since 1997. Over the last ten years he has attended a great number of mind, body, spirit exhibitions , psychic fairs & metaphysical centres in the UK, Europe & the US facilitating aura photography, Soul Contract Numerology readings, Reiki teaching & healing & channeling messages.

His Winaura aura photographic system produces a beautiful color photograph of the clients' aura as well as a two-page explanatory report. Howard gives his own in-depth interpretation of the aura photo & channels a beautiful deeply inspirational & uplifting message for the client.

Howard also practices Soul Contract Numerology Readings, which is based on the clients' birth certificate name.

Howard is a Usui Reiki Master Teacher & Healer.

He is also certificated in Angelic Reiki, Hopi Ear Candling & Indian Head Massage.