A Look Inside Your Natal Chart: Venus & Relationships
October 5, 2018

In this workshop we will be taking a look in the planet Venus. Venus named after the Greek Goddess Aphrodite is the planet of love, beauty and relationships. She will begin her retrograde phase October 6th 2018. She rules the signs Taurus and Libra as well as the 2nd and 7th house in your natal chart. In our natal charts Venus is position indicates the area in which the give and take of love, affection and sensual pleasures will be expressed. The position of Venus will also show a persons perception of relationship and affection. We will look into our own natal charts to find Venus and where she is transiting during the retrograde phase so we are able to work on all forms of love, self, familial and universal!

Class Outline
* What are houses and what area of life they represent
* The planets and how they affect those house
* Venus and where it is in your chart
* Venus Retrograde: What it means and how it affects you


This Class is $20

*This class requires advanced registration in order to have natal charts available the day of the workshop. You will need to provide your date of birth, time of birth (this cannot be a guess) and city and state of birth. Maximum participants are 8

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