Cathie is a powerful psychic and metaphysician who channels multidimensional light energies for insight, messages and deep transformation. Her abilities include many of the Clair senses, and she typically “reads” with her eyes closed. Vibrating with pure love and laughter, Cathie communicates in a practical and positive style. Her ability to hold space for her clients, allows them to receive truth with ease, grace and even fun!

A born teacher, Cathie enjoys empowering her clients by providing useful tools and next steps that support their ascension. Building upon a foundation of formal training at a psychic institute in Colorado and in Reiki, Cathie’s real magic comes directly from communing with the Divine and spending time at energy centers around the world. Her relationships with powerful Archangels, Spirit Animals and Light Beings further empower her transmissions. She is also an ordained minister through The Universal Life Church.

Rise above 3D and start shifting the tide of your life today with Cathie Marie, Queen of Shifting the Tide!!