Crystal Chakra Healing
​November 9

Join us Friday, November 9 with Amanda. This is a fabulous class combining the Crystal Kingdom with our physical Chakra system! The Chakras are the 7 main energy centers of the body that when balanced and clear allow our energy to flow freely. Learn the healing benefits of combining crystals to tune your chakras and cultivate a connection to the body and soul.

Class participants will learn-
-Science behind crystal chakra healing
-Which chakra needs balancing
-How to balance chakras using crystals

Class is $10

Bio: Amanda White has been working with the crystal kingdom for over 20 years. She is extremely compassionate about the art of self healing and truly believes that the crystal kingdom is a wonderful tool for self healing and self empowerment. Her years of research and experience with crystals allows her the opportunity to share her knowledge with the community. Amanda grew up in the Hampton Roads area and lives in Norfolk with her husband and daughter.​