Jeannie is a natural born empath/clairsentient/claircognizant/psychic medium. For Jeannie, this means that she is highly sensitive to what others are feeling both emotionally and physically. The messages come to her by way of a sense of “knowing”- the information just seems right to her. Since she was a young girl, she has had the ability to sense future events and has exhibited a highly developed sense of intuition, especially in her dreams. She can walk into a room and pick up energy of objects. She is also able to pick up on the names of people associated with whom she is reading whether it is from a deceased spirit or someone they are currently thinking of. She was also born with the gift of healing which enhanced as she became a Reiki Healer. With all of her God given abilities she uses her insight to offer guidance to the people around her.

Readings available in Spanish!